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@ SAV/CWI: Are there stages of consciousness? What do they mean for entryism as political strategy?

Den in trend 9/​2015 erschie­nen Text von sys­tem­crash und mir:

Kri­tik der Bewußtseins-​​Stadien-​​Theorie – Pro­bleme des Ent­ris­mus


gibt es nun auch in einer gekürz­ten und leicht über­ar­bei­te­ten Fas­sung auf Eng­lisch:

Are there sta­ges of con­scious­ness? What do they mean for ent­ry­ism as poli­ti­cal stra­tegy?


Ansons­ten in Heft 83 der Pla­ty­pus Review: (mehr…)

Bombard the Headquarters of the Philosopher Kings, or: Do we leave them their old age home in the Ivory tower of universalism?

What’s the deal with “The Idea of Com­mu­nism”? – that’s the ques­tion you might want to ask after the con­clu­sion of the com­mu­nism con­fe­rence that met under that very name at the Volks­bűhne in Ber­lin. One thing is for sure: at the con­gress the uni­ver­sal in con­tra­dis­tinc­tion to the par­ti­cu­lar was ever pre­sent. And some­thing struc­tu­ral was evi­dent too: among 17 pre­sen­ters there was only one woman.

In the fol­lo­wing I docu­ment my – slightly revi­sed and expan­ded – state­ment in the clo­sing dis­cus­sion of the con­gress.

The uni­ver­sal was the domi­nant theme of the con­gress. In that con­nec­tion, most of the pre­sen­ters plead for the uni­ver­sal, com­mo­na­lity, equa­lity and dis­played a dis­dain of the par­ti­cu­lar. There was cri­ti­cism [… more at: http://​qli​poth​.blog​spot​.de/​2​0​1​0​/​0​7​/​i​d​e​a​-​o​f​-​c​o​m​m​u​n​i​s​m​-​f​r​o​m​-​t​o​-​z​.html]