Diskussions-Tourismus II: „Connecting European Struggles Conference“ in Malmö, 18.-20.09.2015


The cri­sis has par­ti­cu­lar gen­de­red effects that dif­fer in scope and kind across Europe. During the 2014 con­fe­rence the local pre­sen­ta­tion focu­sed on health­care work in the region of the con­fe­rence. That pre­sen­ta­tion made it clear that there are Swe­dish aus­te­rity mea­su­res. The hos­pi­tal has had over 20 deaths the last few years, being indic­ted by govern­ment reports as being cle­arly rela­ted to lack of fun­ding that makes pro­per care impos­si­ble. Fur­ther­more, staff at the hos­pi­tal report never taking breaks, being forced into dou­ble shifts, lite­r­ally run­ning from pati­ent to pati­ent and brea­king down into tears daily. This staff is over­whel­min­gly female and there is a clear con­nec­tion bet­ween their gen­der and these forms of super exploi­ta­tion. We’re invit­ing care workers and activists from around Europe to attend, pre­sent and dis­cuss their expe­ri­en­ces and stra­te­gies of care work!
In many coun­tries fascist and con­ser­va­tive mobi­liza­ti­ons have direc­ted them­sel­ves away from cle­arly eco­no­mi­cal issues (“they’re taking our jobs!”) but instead focu­sed on abor­tion, gay mar­riage and to defend the ‘holy family.’ We do not view these deve­lop­ments as inci­den­tal but rather part of the nature of fascism: con­trol of women’s bodies through laws, social norms and obli­gatory hete­ro­se­xua­lity. This deve­lop­ment has been acute in nati­ons such as Spain, Greece and Poland but is pre­sent in various forms all around Europe. Vio­lence in forms of mur­der, bea­ting and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal ter­ror against women (and others such as gays) who defy these con­stric­tions are part of the same poli­ti­cal move­ment who demands the cross, the flag and the family. Anti­fa­scists, at least in Swe­den, has focu­sed a great deal on issues of class and anti­ca­pi­ta­list ana­ly­sis which is of course cru­cial but mis­ses out on import­ant ana­ly­sis on the nature of fascism. We’re thus invit­ing antifascist/​antiracist femi­nists who work with ques­ti­ons con­cerning strugg­les for the right to abor­tion, for LGBTQ-​​rights and who work against con­ser­va­tism, natio­na­lism and fascism.



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