@ Pyrrhus-Sieg: Colleen Bolger antwortet Alexis Tspiras

About the agree­ment of July 12, Mr. Tsi­pras said [am Mitt­woch, den 29.7. in einem Radio-​​Interview und anschei­nend auch schon bei frü­he­rer Gele­gen­heit] that it was a Pyr­rhic vic­tory for the part­ners, and a great moral vic­tory for Greece and the Left.


Denn Col­leen Bol­ger ant­wor­tete bereits am 28.7. auf diese These:

„A PYR­RHIC vic­tory against the Greek people“ is how Greek Prime Minis­ter Alexis Tsi­pras descri­bed the new Memo­ran­dum. It isn‘t yet clear that this is the case.
At the con­clu­sion of the Battle of Ascu­lum in 279 BC, Greek King Pyr­rhus of Epi­rus remar­ked: „One more such vic­tory and we are undone.“ His army had just smas­hed the Romans in a struggle for con­trol of Magna Gra­ecia (the coas­tal areas of Sou­thern Italy). Suc­cess, howe­ver, had come at great cost-​​-​​several thousand of his sol­diers were dead.
Euro­pean lea­ders today are not coun­ting their dead; they are, in fact, coun­ting on more vic­to­ries and view the stran­gu­la­tion of Greece as the key to their future.“



In ande­ren Kon­tex­ten bediente ich im übri­gen 1989:

Pyr­rhus­siege des ökolo­gi­schen Fun­da­men­ta­lis­mus


und 2008 der Meta­pher vom „Pyr­rhus­sieg“:

Die Schlacht von Ascu­lum und das Ber­li­ner mg-​​Verfahren



Der Text von 1989 läßt sich im übri­gen auch noch als Ana­lo­gon zu mei­nem gest­ri­gen Arti­kel bei scharf-​​links zum Thema ‚Nein­sa­gen ohne Stra­te­gie‘ /​ ‚radi­kale Beschlüsse ohne Stra­te­gie, sie durch­zu­set­zen‘ lesen:

Strategie-​​ und plan­los – die SYRIZA-​​Linke


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