Und hier noch ein Hinweis auf drei englische Texte auf der Homepage der griechischen Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK)

Die EEK ist Mit­glied des Coor­di­na­ting Com­mit­tee for the Refoun­da­tion of the Fourth Inter­na­tio­nal, des­sen stärkste Sek­tion wie­derum die Part­ido Obrero (PO) in Argen­ti­nien ist. Letz­tere bil­det dort zusam­men mit der the Socia­list Workers‘ Party (PTS) – der dor­ti­gen Schwes­ter­or­ga­ni­sa­tion der Revo­lu­tio­nä­ren Inter­na­tio­na­lis­ti­schen Orga­ni­sa­tion (RIO) in Deutsch­land – und der Socia­list Left (IS) die Frente de Izquierda y de los Tra­ba­ja­do­res, die in den letz­ten Jah­ren ein ganze Reihe von rela­ti­ven Wahl­er­fol­gen errin­gen konnte.

Auf der Home­page der EEK, um auf diese zurück­zu­kom­men, befin­det sich auf Eng­lisch u.a. die Reso­lu­tion (via Aziz Şah) der 3. Euro-​​Mittelmeer-​​Konferenz1, in der es u.a. heißt:

We stron­gly believe we can­not fight against impe­ria­list forces wit­hout fight­ing capi­ta­lism at the natio­nal level, safe­guar­ded by the bour­geois sta­tes and their govern­ments.


His­to­ri­cally, natio­na­lism has been the method of divi­ding and wea­ke­ning the working class and the peo­p­les in the region. Racism, by means of social exclu­sion of cer­tain opp­res­sed groups and mino­ri­ties, has been the tool of natio­nal bour­geoi­sie to con­ti­nue to main­tain the domi­na­tion and exploi­ta­tion over the working class in the pen­in­sula.

Anm.: Zwar eine ziem­lich klas­sen­re­duk­tio­nis­ti­sche Rassismus-​​Erklärung, aber immer­hin.

Außer­dem befin­det sich auf der Home­page eine – die Zeit vom 29.6. – 5.7. umfas­sende – Chro­no­lo­gie der „Nein“-Kampagne vor dem grie­chi­schen Refe­ren­dum:


In die­ser heißt es u.a.:

The EEK, alt­hough cri­ti­ci­zing the poli­cies of class col­la­bo­ra­tion and adapta­tion to the EU of Syriza and the ent­ire logic of fake “nego­tia­ti­ons”, is actively cam­paign for a NO in the Refe­ren­dum advan­cing as well a tran­si­tio­nal pro­gram of can­cel­la­tion of the debt, natio­na­liza­tion of the banks under workers con­trol, a restruc­tu­ring of the eco­nomy on new socia­list bases, a break from the impe­ria­list EU and for the socia­list uni­fi­ca­tion of Europe.

An ANT­AR­SYA wird dort kri­ti­siert:

Today also ANT­AR­SYA, the coali­tion of about 20 cen­trist orga­niza­ti­ons, toge­ther with a small front of natio­na­lists named MAS, had their own cen­tral rally in front of the old buil­ding of Athens Uni­ver­sity ( at the same place where the EEK held its own inde­pen­dent rally yes­ter­day). They call for a No vote next Sun­day, cri­ti­ci­zing, at the same time, Syriza with a KKE-​​like rhe­to­ric, deman­ding a break from the EU and the euro and a return to the drachma, wit­hout brea­king from the frame­work of capi­ta­lism.

(Inner­halb von ANT­AR­SYA selbst scheint eine ähnli­che Kri­tik von OKDE-​​Spartakus for­mu­liert zu wer­den:

It is a fact though, that the per­cen­ta­ges of Ant­ar­sya in elec­tions can not be cha­rac­te­ri­zed as suc­cess­ful. The elec­to­ral coali­tion with Mars is clear that did not gain elec­to­ral bonus. The damage of pro­gram retreat in serious mat­ters, like the one of the worker’s power has not had elec­to­ral gains. In the forth­co­m­ing period, the anti­ca­pi­ta­list and revo­lu­tio­nary left is obli­ged to explain that no right is not gai­ned wit­hout harsh struggle. It is obli­ged to explain that there is no sal­va­tion for the workers wit­hout the rup­ture against the esta­blish­ments of the inte­rests of indus­tria­lists and ban­kers and wit­hout rup­ture against the insti­tu­ti­ons of the capi­ta­list state. […]. With dedi­ca­tion in the unity in the action of all the workers, but also the inte­grity of the anti­ca­pi­ta­list pro­gram, wit­hout reduc­tions and coali­ti­ons that under­mine it, in the name of quick results and rea­lism, Ant­ar­sya can play an extre­mely import­ant role in the class struggle in the period that opens before us.


Bei der o.g. Kon­fe­renz wurde außer­dem auch eine Reso­lu­tion GREECE: A TURNING POINT IN THE WORLD CAPI­TA­LIST CRI­SIS. WHAT NEXT? beschlos­sen. In die­ser heißt es u.a.:

To avoid defeat and capi­tu­la­tion , it beco­mes crys­tal clear that there is no refor­mist road to change the impe­ria­list Euro­pean Union and its insti­tu­ti­ons. This iron cage of capi­tal, this pri­son of the peo­p­les has to be smas­hed by the mass mobi­liza­tion of all the opp­res­sed and repla­ced by a real , socia­list uni­fi­ca­tion of the Con­ti­nent from Lis­bon to Vla­di­vos­tok .
To avoid defeat, to advance towards vic­tory and social eman­ci­pa­tion, it is clear that today there is no pos­si­bi­lity for a class com­pro­mise with capi­tal in cri­sis to “huma­nize capi­ta­lism” ; there is no natio­nal, peace­ful, par­lia­men­tary, refor­mist road for a way out of the social can­ni­ba­lism of “aus­te­rity”- the only road for­ward is a united class front of the opp­res­sed, orga­niza­tion, social revo­lu­tion, workers power wit­hout bureau­crats, and inter­na­tio­nal Socia­lism.
We appeal to all those figh­ters against impe­ria­lism and capi­ta­lism, com­ing from dif­fe­rent poli­ti­cal tra­di­ti­ons but uncom­pro­mi­sing in their struggle against the exploi­ters and opp­res­sors, all those who refuse to fol­low an accom­mo­da­ting Left sin­king into hol­low ver­ba­lism, abstract pro­pa­gan­dism, elec­to­ra­lism, sec­ta­rian self-​​proclamation, or apo­li­ti­cal syn­di­ca­lism: Let us join ranks into a com­mon inter­na­tio­nal struggle to open a revo­lu­tio­nary way out of social disas­ter fee­ding des­pair but also strengt­he­ning State aut­ho­ri­ta­ria­nism and bru­ta­lity, the threat of fascism, xenophobia,and all forms of racism.


Let’s build revo­lu­tio­nary orga­niza­ti­ons among the mas­ses, inde­pen­dent from all bureau­crats, and refor­mist class col­la­bo­ra­tio­nists! Let’s build a real revo­lu­tio­nary Inter­na­tio­nal of the workers and all opp­res­sed!

Anm.: Naja – die Mas­sen, die da mit­ma­chen wol­len, sehe ich ja noch nicht…

Die EEK rief bei der zwei­ten grie­chi­schen Par­la­ments­wahl im Jahr 2012 zur Wahl von ANT­AR­SYA auf. Bei der ers­ten Wahl jenen Jah­res und der EU-​​Parlamentswahl 2009 erhielt sie jeweils gut 6.000 Stim­men (jew. ca. 0,1 %) und bei Wahl im Jan. 2015 knapp 2.500 Stim­men (= knapp 0,05 %).2

  1. Vgl. zu die­ser: „La Terza con­fe­renza euro­me­di­ter­ra­nea si è tenuta con suc­cesso ad Atene, in Gre­cia, tra il 18 e il 20 lug­lio, […]. Ai lavori della con­fe­renza hanno par­te­ci­pato par­titi, orga­niz­za­zioni e sin­goli mili­tanti da Gre­cia, Tur­chia, Ita­lia, Fin­lan­dia, Dani­marca, Regno Unito, Por­to­gallo, Aus­tria, Polo­nia, Mace­do­nia, Bul­ga­ria, Cipro, Kur­dis­tan, Ucraina, Rus­sia, Stati Uniti, Sud Africa, India e Bra­sile, per un totale di 19 paesi, […].
    • Dalla Gre­cia, oltre all‘EEK, sono inter­ve­nute le orga­niz­za­zioni di Ant­ar­sya NAR e OKDE-​​Spartakos, e i lavor­a­tori della „Caro­vana di lotta e soli­da­rietà“ della fab­brica VIO​.ME e della tv-​​radio ERT3, ent­rambe sotto con­trollo dei lavor­a­tori.
    • Dalla Tur­chia ha par­te­ci­pato atti­va­mente il DIP, in quanto co-​​organizzatore. Ha par­te­ci­pato alla con­fe­renza anche lo SDP (par­tito affi­liato all‘HDP, for­ma­zione che ha recen­te­mente ris­cosso una import­ante vit­to­ria elet­to­rale ed è divenuta il prin­ci­pale obbi­et­tivo degli attac­chi ter­ro­risti dell‘IS e del regime di Erdo­gan), ed era pre­sente il „Comi­tato di soli­da­rietà con i pri­gio­nieri poli­tici in Tur­chia e in Kur­dis­tan“, che ha por­tato i suoi saluti insieme ad altri mili­tanti e atti­visti da tutto il Kur­dis­tan.
    • Dall‘Italia ha par­te­ci­pato una dele­ga­zione del PCL.
    • Dalla regione bal­ca­nica erano pre­senti com­pa­gni dell‘Autonomous Workers Union della Bul­ga­ria e il mov­i­mento „Lenka“ della Mace­do­nia. Un docu­mento è stato inviato dai lavor­a­tori della fab­brica occupata DITA di Tuzla, Bosnia-​​Erzegovina. Pre­sente anche un com­pa­gno di Cipro.
    • Dalla Federa­zione Russa hanno preso parte alla con­fe­renza dele­gati del RPK (Par­tito Russo dei Com­u­nisti), del RKP-​​KPSS (Par­tito Com­u­nista Russo-​​CPSU), dell‘OKP (Par­tito Com­u­nista Uni­fi­cato) e del mov­i­mento „Alter­na­tivi“ (Alter­na­tiva).
    • Dall‘Ucraina hanno par­te­ci­pato alla con­fe­renza le orga­niz­za­zioni Con­tro­cor­rente, Borotba, il Par­tito Com­u­nista della Repubblica Popo­lare di Donetsk e l‘Unione dei pri­gio­nieri e dei rifu­giati poli­tici del Don­bass (via skype).
    • Dalla Polo­nia era pre­sente una mili­tante della sinis­tra anti­ca­pi­ta­lista.
    • Dalla Fin­lan­dia una dele­ga­zione del MTL (Mar­xist Workers‘ Lea­gue).
    • Dalla Dani­marca era pre­sente Jette Kro­mann, mili­tante del SAP.
    • Dal Regno Unito Hil­lel Tick­tin, diret­tore della rivista mar­xista Cri­ti­que.
    • Dal Por­to­gallo Raquel Varela, della rivista Rubra.
    • Dall‘Austria una rap­p­re­sentanza della Revo­lu­tio­nary Com­mu­nist Inter­na­tio­nal Ten­dency.
    • Dagli USA Alex Stei­ner, del blog per​ma​nent​-revo​lu​tion​.org.
    • Dal Sud Africa Latief Par­ker, del comi­tato edi­to­riale di Cri­ti­que.
    • Pre­senti anche, a titolo per­so­nale, osser­va­tori dall‘India e dal Bra­sile, la mag­gior parte dei quali del PSTU.
    • Un mes­sag­gio di saluti è stato inviato alla con­fe­renza dal PT (Part­ido de los Tra­ba­ja­do­res) dell‘Uruguay.“

    (Quelle: http://​www​.pcla​vor​a​tori​.it/​f​i​l​e​s​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​o​b​j​=​N​E​W​S​&​a​m​p​;​o​i​d​=4517 via Aziz Şah)

  2. S. https://​en​.wiki​pe​dia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​W​o​r​k​e​r​s​_​R​e​v​o​l​u​t​i​o​n​a​r​y​_​P​a​r​t​y​_​(​G​r​e​e​c​e​)​#​E​l​e​c​t​o​r​a​l​_​r​esults [zurück]
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1 Antwort auf „Und hier noch ein Hinweis auf drei englische Texte auf der Homepage der griechischen Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK)“

  1. 1 TaP 11. August 2015 um 23:55 Uhr

    Auf der Homepage der EEK gibt es jetzt auch diesen – leider ausgesprochen unanalytischen und formelhaften – Text mit Erst-Unterschriften von 68 Individuen aus verschiedenen Ländern:

    We denounce the new barbaric “bailout program” of social cannibalism imposed on Greece by the troika of the EU, the European Central Bank and the IMF. After five years of draconian “austerity” to save the banks with the blood and tears of the Greek people the two previous “bail out programs” failed totally to solve the crisis that has worsened immensely. The population of Greece is condemned to permanent misery, with 40 percent now barely surviving under the poverty line. On July 12, 2015, a new “list of horrors” ( as rightly it was described by the German journal Spiegel)demanded by the troika and finally accepted by the Tsipras government .
    The Greek people cannot and will not accept the diktat from Brussels, Berlin, and Washington. We salute the on-going heroic resistance of the Greek workers and poor, particularly of the young generation, manifested powerfully in the mass mobilization of July the 3rd and the triumph of the NO/OXI by 62 per cent of the vote in the Referendum of July 5 against the blackmail of the imperialist “institutions”- and continuing now in the popular mobilizations of July 15 and 22 against the new “Memorandum”.

    We condemn unequivocally the betrayal of the popular will democratically expressed in the victory of NO/OXI . Intellectual and political honesty demands to call a spade a spade and a capitulation a capitulation. The Tsipras coalition government of Syriza and ANEL has capitulated by signing an even worse “austerity program” than that rejected in the Referendum. It enters now into a collision course with precisely those deprived popular strata that had invested their hopes to Syriza to end the eternal torture of austerity.

    We stand by all the working class and popular forces, within and outside Syriza, in their rejection of the shameful pact of surrender to the gangsters of global capital turning Greece into a protectorate of the EU ruled by a government of the “willing” purged from all left opposition, undemocratic and hostage to the forces of bourgeois reaction, at home and abroad.


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