Diskussions-Tourismus: “Beyond Europe” International Camp in Chalkidiki, Greece, 18-25 August

Wed­nes­day 19th August

First day of dis­cus­sions: Social, femi­nist, LBGTQ, eco­lo­gi­cal strugg­les in times of cri­sis

Fri­day 21st August

Second day of dis­cus­sions: Exch­ange of poli­ti­cal prac­tices

Satur­day 22nd August

Third day of dis­cus­sions: Fort­ress Europe, racism and natio­na­lism

Mon­day 24th August

Fourth day of dis­cus­sions: Trans­na­tio­nal orga­niza­tion and net­wor­king


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