IV. Internationale und NaO-Prozeß

(Forts. von) Ein­heits­fron­ten, die rich­tig seien, und revolutionär-​​reformistischen Misch­or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nen, die oft schäd­lich sind (siehe obige Aus­füh­run­gen) stark:

„No serious revo­lu­tio­nary party enjoys being com­pel­led by cir­cum­stan­ces beyond its con­trol to be rele­ga­ted to a small pro­pa­ganda group lacking broad influ­ence in the working class and opp­res­sed. But every revo­lu­tio­nary has faced this unavo­i­da­ble dilemma, from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky, and all others, ever­y­where. How to con­ti­nue to exist, to fight, to grow, to gain signi­fi­cant influ­ence, to pre­pare for the future when the mass forces for change in the broad working class remain rela­tively pas­sive, is the ques­tion of ques­ti­ons.
But we are not wit­hout instruc­tion. The method of the united front has pro­ven inva­lu­able for major sec­tions of the Fourth Inter­na­tio­nal in unit­ing major cur­rents of the left, and often in the broa­der workers move­ment, in com­mon struggle.“

Sodann betont der Text die Funk­tion bzw. das mit Ein­heits­fron­ten zu ver­fol­gende Ziel. Es ist näm­lich nicht Ein­heit als sol­che, son­dern: „We must stress that the cen­tral pur­pose of the united front tac­tic is to build the revo­lu­tio­nary socia­list party. History has tra­gi­cally and repea­tedly demons­tra­ted that the absence of such a party and the lea­dership it has for­ged in struggle, gua­ran­tees defeats of major pro­por­ti­ons. We need not review its con­se­quen­ces in the Arab Spring, in Syria, Libya, Egypt and, indeed, throug­hout the modern era.“

Der Text gelangt schließ­lich zu fol­gen­dem Resü­mee: „In recent years the FI majo­rity lea­dership has rus­hed head­long toward the sub­ordi­na­tion, if not sub­sti­tu­tion, of buil­ding Leni­nist par­ties to vaguely defined par­ties with elec­to­ra­list illu­si­ons — inclu­ding some that vio­late our prin­ci­ples of class inde­pen­dence.“ Und bereits wei­ter oben hieß es: „The report at the last World Con­gress, Role and Tasks of the FI, cen­te­red on the pro­po­si­tion that the task of the FI was to build a new Inter­na­tio­nal based on par­ties of the French NPA type. We are and remain in staunch oppo­si­tion to this per­spec­tive. If it beco­mes the norm for all or most FI sec­tions we are hea­ding toward the demise of the FI.“

In die­sem Zusam­men­hang sei schließ­lich noch an den Text von Andreas Kloke erin­nert, der im ver­gan­ge­nen Jahr im blog zum NaO-​​Prozeß erschien:


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