Marfin Bank Athens: „The fire brigade had never issued an operating license to the building in question.“

In vor­her­ge­hen­dem Bei­trag ist ein auf Indy­me­dia Athen ver­öf­fent­lich­ter Bericht eines Ange­stell­ten der Mar­fin Bank erwähnt, in dem die­ser schwere Vor­würfe erhebt, weil es in der Filiale, in der es ges­tern zu den drei Todes­fäl­len kam, nur unzu­rei­chende Sicher­heits­maß­nah­men für einen Brand­fall gege­ben haben soll. Der bri­ti­sche blog Voices of Resis­tance from Occu­p­ied Lon­don hat eine eng­li­sche Über­set­zung anschei­nend die­ses Indy­me­dia Athen-​​Artikels ver­öf­fent­licht. In einem Auf­ruf zur Mit­ar­beit cha­rak­te­ri­siert sich der bri­ti­sche blog wie folgt: „You don’t have to be an anar­chist to write for us, you just have to be wil­ling to talk to the anar­chists!“

Der dor­tige Arti­kel lau­tet wie folgt:

An employee of the burnt bank speaks out on tonight’s tra­gic deaths in Athens – please spread

Wed­nes­day, May 5, 2010

Tonight’s tra­gic deaths in Athens leave little space for com­ments – we are all very sho­cked and deeply sad­de­ned by the events. To those (on the “Occu­p­ied Lon­don” blog even) who spe­cu­late that the deaths might have been cau­sed pur­po­se­fully by anar­chists, we can only reply the fol­lo­wing: we do not take to the streets, we do not risk our free­dom and our lives con­fron­ting the greek police in order to kill other people. Anar­chists are not mur­de­rers, and no brain­wa­shing attemp­ted by Greek PM Papan­d­reou, the natio­nal or the inter­na­tio­nal media should con­vince anyone other­wise.

That being said, and with deve­lop­ments still run­ning fran­ti­cally, we want to publish a rough trans­la­tion of a state­ment by an employee of Mar­fin Bank – the bank whose branch was set alight in Athens today, where the three employees found a tra­gic death.

Read the let­ter, trans­late it, spread it around to your net­works; grass­roots counter-​​information has a cru­cial role to play at a moment when the greek state and cor­po­rate media are lea­shing out on the anar­chist move­ment over here in Greece.

I feel an obli­ga­tion toward my co-​​workers who have so unjustly died today to speak out and to say some objec­tive truths. I am sen­ding this mes­sage to all media out­lets. Anyone who still bares some con­scious­ness should publish it. The rest can con­ti­nue to play the government’s game.

The fire bri­gade had never issued an ope­ra­ting license to the buil­ding in ques­tion. The agree­ment for it to ope­rate was under the table, as it prac­tically hap­pens with all busi­nes­ses and com­pa­nies in Greece.

The buil­ding in ques­tion has no fire safety mecha­nisms in place, neit­her plan­ned nor instal­led ones – that is, it has no cei­ling sprink­lers, fire exits or fire hoses. There are only some por­ta­ble fire extin­gu­is­hers which, of course, can­not help in dea­ling with exten­sive fire in a buil­ding that is built with long-​​outdated secu­rity stan­dards.

No branch of Mar­fin bank has had any mem­ber of staff trai­ned in dea­ling with fire, not even in the use of the few fire extin­gu­is­hers. The manage­ment also uses the high costs of such trai­ning as a pre­text and will not take even the most basic mea­su­res to pro­tect its staff.

There has never been a sin­gle eva­cua­tion exer­cise in any buil­ding by staff mem­bers, nor have there been any trai­ning ses­si­ons by the fire-​​brigade, to give instruc­tions for situa­ti­ons like this. The only trai­ning ses­si­ons that have taken place at Mar­fin Bank con­cern ter­ro­rist action sce­na­rios and spe­ci­fi­cally plan­ning the escape of the banks’ “big heads” from their offices in such a situa­tion.

The buil­ding in ques­tion had no spe­cial accom­mo­da­tion for the case of fire, even though its con­struc­tion is very sen­si­tive under such cir­cum­stan­ces and even though it was fil­led with mate­ri­als from floor to cei­ling. Mate­ri­als which are very inflamma­ble, such as paper, plas­tics, wires, fur­ni­ture. The buil­ding is objec­tively unsui­ta­ble for use as a bank due to its con­struc­tion.

No mem­ber of secu­rity has any know­ledge of first aid or fire extin­gu­is­hing, even though they are every time prac­tically char­ged with secu­ring the buil­ding. The bank employees have to turn into fire­men or secu­rity staff accor­ding to the appe­tite of Mr Vgeno­pou­los [owner of Mar­fin Bank].

The manage­ment of the bank strictly bared the employees from lea­ving today, even though they had per­sis­tently asked so them­sel­ves from very early this morning – while they also forced the employees to lock up the doors and repea­tedly con­fir­med that the buil­ding remai­ned locked up throug­hout the day, over the phone. They even blo­cked off their inter­net access so as to prevent the employees from com­mu­ni­ca­ting with the outs­ide world.

For many days now there has been some com­plete ter­ro­ri­sa­tion of the bank’s employees in regard to the mobi­li­sa­ti­ons of these days, with the ver­bal “offer”: you eit­her work, or you get fired.

The two under­co­ver police who are dis­patched at the branch in ques­tion for rob­bery preven­tion did not show up today, even though the bank’s manage­ment had ver­bally pro­mi­sed to the employees that they would be there.

At last, gent­le­men, make your self-​​criticism and stop wan­de­ring around pre­ten­ding to be sho­cked. You are responsi­ble for what hap­pened today and in any right­ful state (like the ones you like to use from time to time as lea­ding exam­ples on your TV shows) you would have alre­ady been arres­ted for the above actions. My co-​​workers lost their lives today by malice: the malice of Mar­fin Bank and Mr. Vgeno­pou­los per­so­nally who exp­li­citly sta­ted that whoever didin’t come to work today [May 5th, a day of a gene­ral strike!] should not bother showing up for work tomor­row [as they would get fired].

- An employee of Mar­fin Bank

[greek ori­gi­nal]

In den Kom­men­ta­ren zu dem Arti­kel sind ver­schie­dene Fol­ge­über­set­zun­gen ver­linkt; eine deut­sche Über­set­zung gibt es hier und eine kas­ti­li­sche (’spa­ni­sche‘) hier (Carta de un emp­leado del Banco Mar­fin).

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